Belgian Economy

What is the state of the Belgian economy? What are our economic forecasts? But also, what is needed to steer the economy further in the right direction? These are the questions we try to answer in our analyses of the Belgian economy.

Ten years after the start of the financial crisis, the Belgian economy is doing much better. In recent years, higher growth figures have again been recorded. They were, however, lower than in the euro zone and recent indicators suggest that the peak in the economy may be behind us. The competitiveness of our economy has also improved, the budget deficit has declined and pension reforms have considerably reduced the budgetary cost of ageing. But the work is far from complete. In many areas, including the labour market, infrastructure and public finances, the challenges remain significant. In short, efforts are still needed to strengthen the growth potential of the Belgian economy.

Forecasts for the Belgian economy in numbers:

In-dept credit review Belgium

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